Posted by: RLPudding | February 17, 2010

Just (The) Passing by…?

As you all should know, there is a DLC in the making by Valve for L4D2. And it’s called “The Passing”.

The Big News is, it’s coming by the end of march. To shorten the wait, i would like to share some news on the DLC with you, also Screenshots AND Videos! HUURAY!

Just click “MOAR”.

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Posted by: Vazzaroth | February 12, 2010

Bad news and Good news for the [F!]ers!

First, the good news! The Pirates Vikings and Knights mod for HL2/the Orange box updated today! For those that do not know of this project, this 2.3 release has been in development for quite awhile and is a large updated! Full steamworks has been integrated including achievements, New modes, a new viking class, for a total of 3 vikings and 2 pirates and knight classes, has been added (the Gestir).  I highly recommend this mod with the Vazzaroth-stamp-of-approval for it’s fast paced action and fun, tf2-like melee combat! I hope to see some Secret Option F members on the servers soon! More info about PVK can be found on they’re website ( ) and you can download the mod from the steam store. Search for it at the top left, or under mods.

Now the bad news. The F! TF2 server has been shut down. Jack Heart, the co-founder of F!, simply cannot afford to pay for it out of his own pocket as he has been so graciously doing until now. This is by no means the end of our group, as we have now expanded beyond TF2 and into other games as well.  The fate of re-establishing the F server is currently unknown, if anyone would like to help, please message me, Vazzaroth, or Jack Heart through steam.

Now, go download PVK!

Dar, Parrot.

Posted by: Vazzaroth | January 25, 2010

Swamp theme made by players!

The TF2 blog recently updated and mentioned in passed that the swamp theme by has been finished! Personally, I have been waiting to see this new look for TF2 for quite awhile. With that said, the F! Server will be running the Swamp map pack including the following maps:

– CTF Atrophy

– Koth Fever

– CP Wildmire

– Arena Blackwood

You can download the maps here! Just extract into your “c:/ Program files/ Steam/ Steamapps/ *USERNAME*/ Teamfortress 2/ tf/ Maps”  directory. Alternativly/Lazily, you can download them from the Secret Option F server whenever we are playing them!

Speaking of playing them, SOF will be having an event shortly focusing on the map pack. I hope to see everyone there! Check the Steam group page for pending details about the event.

Posted by: Chadam | January 23, 2010

The Odd Scout

A good example of custom animations in the Source Film Maker.

Part 2:

Posted by: zarnmonster | January 20, 2010

Yeah Toast!

One of the coolest TF2 machinima’s I’ve ever seen, catchy beat too!

Posted by: RLPudding | January 5, 2010

8-bit Left 4 Dead

Do you know the times, when you get bored from all the amazing looking and SFX blasting games today and wish, you could play all these great games in an old fashined way?

Worry no more! Eric Ruth, himself an independent game developer created our beloved Left 4 Dead in 8-bit, NES-style! It will feature all campaigns, all special infected and of course Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill!

Francis in the Streets:

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Posted by: RLPudding | December 27, 2009

Saxton Hale > Chuck Norris. It’s a fact, mate!

So, you all heard about Chuck Norris…

That when the Boogeyman goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Chuck Norris.

That there is no theory of evolution. Just a list of creatures Chuck Norris has allowed to live.

Well, let me put it this way….

When Chuck Norris goes to sleep every night, he checks his closet for Saxton Hale.

For the last fifty years, Mann Co. has been developing new and unique species of animals specifically so Saxton Hale could force them to go extinct.

And Saxton Hale never really was on your side. Or your opponent’s side. He’s a side of his own.

Saxton Hale‘s chest hair can stop a crit rocket.

If I got you interested, then check out the Awesome Saxton Hale Facts!!!

There is also a very funny Item Crafting Game

Posted by: Aldershot | December 26, 2009

Tales from the free week end

TF2 being out for over 2 years now, most who play the game are quite familiar with it. Simple questions like “how to uber?” or “how do I change my disguise?” are questions of the past with an experienced community playing the game…. right? Maybe not. Just last week end when the War update went live, Valve also offered TF2 for free. With the free week end, came in a steady stream of brand new players who have little to no experience. It is good edicate to be pleasant, patient, and understanding to the free week enders, but with an already experienced community behind the game, it’s hard not to snicker at some of the things they say and do, no matter how polite you’re trying to remain.

Over at the TF2 forums, the community are sharing funny tales from the free week end. Here’s some of the adventures TF2 land had to offer during this time.

Posted by bolthebolster
-Free Weekender has found Tyrant Helm-
Other people on server flame him.
Me: Wow, you’re lucky with that one, matey.
Free Weekender: Why do I keep finding these items that aren’t weapons? I keep discarding them but I keep finding them again.
Every single other person on server: O_O

Posted by Mazungo
Dustbowl, second stage:
2 Engies building on the same spot. Me and a teammate explain to them in a polite fashion why this is a bad idea.
The two of them are getting in a civil argument about who has to rebuild etc. After a pause both blow up all their stuff. *facepalm*
We got lucky and managed to win the round, but all the reasoning while being under heavy fire was hilarious in its own way.

Posted by SuperkingX1
The best I saw was an uncloaked spy (no disguise either) attempting to sap…
…an uber’d heavey.
He also accused me of hacking when he tried to sap my sentry and just stood there while I smashed his sapper and his face.

Posted by JadeNorse
I was playing scout on Double Cross. Went and got the intel, brought it all the way back to our sewers, where I got killed. Luckily, one of my teammates picks it up.
Then, because the score was tied, the other team caps and wins the match
I died a little inside

Posted by brooka
“How do I pick the flag?”
He stood their for like 5 mins, trying to pick up our own intel.
Epic Fail!

Posted by ╩ING╩
FW. Why won’t it let me pick up the loot? *Staring at a dropped eyelander*
Me. You can’t pick up “loot” it’s random.
FW: Ya you can, look at that guy. *Motions towards an engi scavaging for metal picking up weapons*
Me . He’s an engineer, he’s getting metal to build his stuff.
FW: So you pick up metal as an engineer and then you build the loot?
Me. No… the engineer builds the sentries, and dispensers, and teleporters, all “loot” is random.
FW: Thats ♥♥♥♥ing stupid, why the hell would the loot be random? whats the point if you cant pick up loot?
FW was kicked by admin: Made me hurt inside. I love that admin, he made me lol.

Posted by ert
I take enemy flag, as scout, and take it half way across the map on Sawmill. Sniper takes me down. Freeweekender takes flag and runs into saws and dies. *facepalmed* 2nd freeweekender takes flag and brings it all the way back to enemy base thinking it was our base and gets killed…*facepalmed again*
I dont really kno if they were freeweekenders or just plain noobs, but their actions still remain the same…

Posted by Ra1n
“when does the free weekend end?”

Check out the full free week end thread here:

Posted by: RLPudding | December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Secret Option F

Merry Christmas to all of you.

This is my little present to all of you (even if i didnt do this video 😛 )

[Edit]For it’s the 25th of December and i feel like giving: 2 more Videos!

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Posted by: Aldershot | December 22, 2009

WARNING! Extreme cuteness in the following.

Posted by: Aldershot | December 22, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 Weapon stats and wiki page.

Here’s some weapon stats from L4D2 wiki. Could be useful information for killing all them zombie son of a bitches. For full details, including information on secondary and melee weapons, check out the L4D2 Wiki

All other primary weapon stats after the break!

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Posted by: Aldershot | December 21, 2009

If TF2 was done by Hayao Miyazaki

Miyazaki’s Princess Mononoke

Team Fortress 2 as a feature length film isn’t a far fetched idea. The TF2 shorts have a huge fan fallowing, and it’s been requested time and time again on the TF2 forums. If such a film was to ever be produced, a 3D art direction like the shorts would be obvious, but what if it was produced in a whole different style? What if it was done in Miyazaki’s style? (Princess Mononoke, Spirited away). It may look some thing like the below images…

If any one have any information on the original artist(s), please let us know. We’d like to give the proper credits.

Posted by: RLPudding | December 20, 2009

Team Fortress 2 Game Genres

Yesterday i came across a topic in the forum and was overwhelmed by awesomness.

Think of this: TF2 meets Zelda, or TF2 meets Starcraft. How would that work? How would that look like? Don’t worry my friends, i have the answer.

TF2 Game Genres.

I’ll give you an expression of what awaits you…

…after the break.

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Posted by: Aldershot | December 20, 2009

Left 4 Speed 2

Special thanks to Seanclarity for sharing this with us

If you enjoyed this check out OneyNG’s Youtube channel.

Posted by: Aldershot | December 19, 2009

TF2 Achievement milestone item problems

As many of you may have already noticed, the achievement milestones that usually drop a respective item is not dropping for most. Fortunately Valve is fully aware of this issue and continues to track every one’s progress and achievements that has been earned. Valve is still having some issues with the new back pack system, and has stated officially that all items that were supposed to be gained through achievements but didn’t, will be gained in just a day or two (or when ever valve irons out any left over bugs). So keep achievement farming you whores, you’ll get the items eventually.

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