How to join F!

asdadasTF2To join Secret Option F! is very simple. Join our server when we’re playing togeather and get to know us. Alternativly you can talk to one of our members about an invite as well.

If your having trouble contacting a member or admin about joining you can leave your Steam ID with a link on the comment section of this page. We’ll contact you ASAP when we see it.

The only real requirement you need to have when joining F! is don’t be a jerk, asshole, douche bag, etc. We want FRIENDLY people to join F! above all else.

Though our main games are TF2 and L4D, we do not limit our members to just these games. ANY ONE can join… as long as you’re friendly 🙂

Check out our Steam page to see who’s already apart of F!



  1. Yo…

  2. hey guys,
    I saw some of you art work and I’ve read you steam page, looks awsome!
    I was hopeing if I could join your group because although I’m already in a lot of other groups this one does look the most friendly. Here is my profile.

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