F! Videos


F! server inauguration


The following videos were recorded and composited by RealLifePudding. These Videos were recorded during our server inaguration party. Luckly for us the schedueled party happend on the very day Valve released their Classless update which was a welcomed, yet unexpected suprise. we were all able to try out Valve’s newly released goodies for the first time togeather while playing silly games. It was a great day.

F! server inauguration: JENING ON RAILS!

F! server inauguration: First night of King of the Hill OVER TIME!!

F! server inauguration: SCOUT CARNAGE!


F! Member Videos


The following videos are random frag / gmod / silly videos submitted by our members. To submit a video e-mail us at: kornsterking@hotmail.com or simply by mentioning it to an admin!

A quick Kritz Frag video of Seanclearity (Demoman) and Aldershot (Medic). Puff Puff Die.

– Submitted by Seanclearity

Fancy spy work on a German server from RealLifePudding!

– Submitted by RealLifePudding



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