F! game sprays

To install spray:

1. Click on a desired spray for its full resolution, then right click it  and save it some where

2. Go to program\steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf\materials and create a new folder, name it “VGUI” if one doesn’t already exist

3. In the VGUI folder, paste the spray into the logos folder. [NOTE: create a new folder called “logos” in the “VGUI folder” if one doesn’t already exist.]

4. Launch Team Fortress 2 and click Options. Go to Multiplayer then click the “Import Spray…” Button. From there follow this file path: tf > materials > VGUI > logos > *select your desire spray* > open

5. Now it should be in your list of sprays and can be selected at any time!

6. Go into game use the “T” key (by default) in game and start spraying stuff!!

Note: You can also retrieve any spray in your TF2 VGUI folder for any other steam games as well, just load it in the desired game’s spray library  by following step 4. alternatively, if you’re the organized type, you can follow the same steps as above but replace “tf2” and “team fortress 2” with the desired game’s acronym or name instead (ie: instead of “program\steam\steamapps\username\team fortress 2\tf\materials” it’ll be “program\steam\steamapps\username\left 4 dead\l4d\materials“)


If any one has a  game spray  your welcomed to donate them and i’ll post it on this page so our members can easily grab them  (full credit ofcourse).
E-mail: kornsterking@hotmail.com, or talk to any admin.

“Corrupt file” quick fix : Because im n00b and lazy, these sprays are not in their proper VGI format, so they are susceptible to corruption. If you try to load a spray into steam and it says “file corrupted” you can quick fix it by simply opening that spray up in paint or Photoshop and save it out as a “.tga”, “.bmp”, or “.gif” (.gif not recommended… but does some times work) and try to reload that newly reformatted spray into steam. This usually works.

All sprays will eventually be loaded with its proper format…. when i get around to it 🙂



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  2. Should add my trap spray as one 😦 lol.

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