About Secret Option F!


What is Secret Option F!?

Secret Option F! is a community of online PC gamers who mostly hail from TF2 and Left 4 Dead(2) at its core, but also have members who span through many games and platforms. We’re a very active and friendly community that put fun above every thing else.

The original goal of the F! community is to provide a network of well mannered players to help create and/or fill games.

Our group credo:

A) No jerks
B) Pleasant conversation encouraged
C) Mics are better then text
D) Be generous to amateurs
E) Display the “[F!]” and we will be grateful
G) Feel free to invite your friends to F!

It should also be noted that we have close connections to our good friend and fellow admin Unite S Jening, TF2’s own super celebrity spy! Many of our original and core members are Jening friends, so please, after your done visiting us, check out the JENING NET!! at www.JENING.net!

What can I expect from the Secret Option F! community?

  • Regular (almost daily) games of TF2.
  • Regular (almost daily) games of L4D2 (and L4D1 if requested).
  • A friendly atmosphere.
  • Players of all skill levels.
  • Active and responsive admins.
  • Our own privet TF2 server (member priority).

What can I expect from this blog?

  • Team Fortress 2, Left 4 Dead, and Valve related articles.
  • Secret Option F! community news and updates.
  • Updates on games F! are playing
  • Member Spot Lights.
  • Some times random silliness from the internet.
  • BACON!
  • What ever else we feel like 🙂

Do you post only the newest and latest?

Like every blog and web site, we do our best to bring you the most current and exciting news from the Valve and F! community. With that in mind, we also cover any thing we may consider interesting as long as we think it’s really awesome, and that our members and many Valve gamers have yet discovered. Our priority on the F! blog is to help highlight the best of Valve and F! and that  mean we’ll feature some older material at times.

How often is this blog updated?

You can expect at the very least a new post every week, though often it’s updated several times a week. During a good week, we’ll have a new article every day. At the moment, we have no set schedule on when the blog is updated, rather, it’s updated when ever interesting events or tidbits turn up, and if an editor is available to post it.

Who are the admins?

-Blog admins-

AldershotJack HeartVazzaroth

-Group admins-

AldershotJack Heart,  JeningKimmy , VazzarothZarnmonster

-Server admins-

AldershotDiznoidJack Heart,  JeningKimmySolid SnackVazzarothZarnmonsterZounds! ,



  1. Yaay! As one of the co-founders of F, I approve this blog :D!

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