Posted by: Aldershot | January 22, 2012

On Leave

I’m amazed by the amount of traffic this blog continues to generate. Thanks for the continued visits every one! I just want to make it official that I, Aldershot am retiring from this blog. Secret Option F! has been a great blog to help run.
People often forget that the TF2, or L4D, or CS  communities are not just a communities of those games. Most PC clans play almost every game Valve release, and Secret Option F recognized this. A blog just about TF2, or just about L4D, wasn’t enough and a blog about Valve game players as  a whole, really taped into some thing that hasn’t been fully taped.

I now leave this blog to the very capable hands of my clanies.

I want to thank the Secret Option F! clan for being not just great game players, but great friends as well. I want to apologize to the clan for my sudden hiatus from online, life catches up some times, but even if i never play another game online, I’ll Always be F! (‘d up). I’ll still be on from time to time, and when I do, I hope to see all of you playing!


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