Posted by: Chadam | August 10, 2010

The ETF2L Highlander Community Challenge

“The days of two Engineers, three Spies and six Snipers on your team are over. The European Team Fortress 2 League invites you to play TF2 like you’ve never played it before: competitively. Head-to-head against other communities. In front of hundreds of people. For shiny medals.”

After months of waiting, the ETF2L Tournament is underway. The event focuses on bringing new players into the competitive TF2 scene. The tournament will start on in early September and signups will be open until then. This thread exists to organize the Secret Option F! team for the tournament. If you’d like to participate, please post a comment stating your preferred class.

Valve will be giving out in-game medals to those who come in first, second and third place. A participation medal will additionally be given to everyone who participates in the event.

Click here for details



  1. I suppose I’m the team leader. My two classes are demo and heavy, I’ll probly go for demo.

  2. i pick solly or pyro :)!

  3. i wish you all the best luck!

    unfortunately it seems, that i cuoldnt find a team 😦

  4. Heard you guys need a Pyro, So count me in.

  5. Chadam = Demo
    Sean = Pyro
    Solid Snack = Pyro or Soldier
    Kimmy = Soldier or Medic
    Squirrel = Pesky Engie
    Zarn = Sniper

    So it looks like we need 3-4 more. Any status on Aldershot? And does RealLifePudding want to join our team?

  6. Oh sweet, someone already thought of me, thanks Kimmy!


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