Posted by: Vazzaroth | July 26, 2010

Supremly Awesome Webcomic, Desire for Pyro custom model growing!

Wanted to share an awesome comic I have discovered recently: Romantically Apocalyptic. If anyone is familiar with “Gone with the Blastwave“, an awesome comic on it’s own, this one is very similar. The illustrations and

photo manipulation are very impressive. The main reason I am posting this to the blog, however, is to instill the idea into the talented internet that: “MAKE THIS A PYRO CUSTOM MODEL!” Anyone with information pertaining such a thing should contact Vazzaroth immediately, and add a comment to this post. It will be amazing. Anyway, Enjoy!


A taste of the epicness.



  1. send the model to tf2 contribute maybe the hat could be a tf2 hat and the mask could be a misc item

  2. I say send this to polycount as well because valve
    make their items officail as well

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