Posted by: Chadam | July 2, 2010

Loose Canon – More delvings into the TF2 storyline

Valve posted an official TF2 comic this morning. It details the story of the Engineer’s grandfather, Radigan Conagher, building a life-extender machine for the BLU leader, Blutarch Mann. He commissioned the machine in order to outlive his brother, Redmond, and take over the rest of his father’s land. The Engineer succeeded in building said machine but he also made one for Redmond after the Announcer convinced him by handing over the key to building such high-tech devices, Australium. This secretive element has been kept hidden by the Australians until today; it is the source of their technological advances. Fast-forward to the present day. (for the game, that is) The current Engineer, Dell Conagher, has been employed to repair the same device his grandfather created. But after inspecting it, he finds he has no idea how to fix it. Blutarch gives him the blueprints and mysterious writings of his grandfather in hopes of him figuring it out. With this, the Engineer begins work. After looking through the papers, he finds the schematics for something.. interesting.

Click here to read the comic


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