Posted by: Chadam | May 18, 2010

The Fancy vs. Nasty Update

One of the TF2 community’s top contributors, Mr. Royzo, has unveiled a community-made “update”. It features 15 new items which will be periodically revealed each day. It’s very well made and is a must-see! Check it out here!



  1. Looks awesome. At first I was depressed because the items were just going to be well wishes… then I saw that he’s actually releasing DLable files!

    Consider the Hrmorgrfhoar w/e installed! I always thought the eyelander could look a little cooler.

  2. Bleh! I have to warn, the files for the sword came with a bunch of other models! Watch out, unless you want your pyros running around with broken texture rakes and soldiers with no texture pans!

  3. Yeah, if you download the sword make sure to go into tf2/models/weapons and delete the files for the KGB, Sandman, Equalizer, and Axtinguisher.

  4. According to the site the problems have been fixed. Now is there any way of changing the models server-side?

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