Posted by: Vazzaroth | May 17, 2010

The F! Server is back again!

Saxton Mays/Billy Hale

This guy would totally donate to the F server.

Like a rash you just can’t get rid of, the Secret Option F! variety funtime server© is revived. This is kind of old news since many F’ers seem to know already through word-of-mouth but it needs to be posted anyway! It’s been going strong since it went online this past Saturday and has had at least a few users on it almost the whole time. It was even full for about 2 hours the day it was re-born! Now that I, Vazzaroth the illustrious and super awesome server admin (Read: Noob @ Servers), have finally finished setting up the plugins and settings to get it back to where it used to be, lets start lots of games on it!

Now for the shameless “Please don’t make me go broke for your own amusement” speech! The server is open for donations, and if we have people pitch in some dollars every month, we won’t have to go through another dark age of serverlessness. All those people that said they would donate, now is the time to man up and follow through! Saxton Hale would donate, how about you!?
But seriously, the donation link is HERE. Any help is greatly appreciated. Also, anyone that donates at least 20$ will be added to  the waiting list for F shirts, whenever we get those printed. So your current generosity will not come back to bite you in the ass later!

Any now, because I got booted off the F! server due to an internet problem and I can’t reconnect until my Steam ID is cleared and therfor I’m bored, heres some possibly interesting stats:

– Plugins running on the server:

  • Source Mod
  • RockTheVote
  • AdvancedTeamscramble
  • AdvancedMapchooser (The voting at end of round one)
  • RandomMapCycle
  • Possibly RollTheDice at some point!

-Custom Maps that are going to be uploaded soon:

  • RedFort
  • Swamp Map Pack
  • KOTH map pack
  • CTF Orient
  • Any suggestions people want to post on comments!

– Monthly cost of the server: 30 Dollars for a 24 man TF2 server in San Jose, 5 Extra Dollars for the Download server that give you guys custom maps without rage-quittingly slow speeds

People on the server RIGHT NOW:

Number of Exclamation marks in this post: 11! Well, now 12.


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