Posted by: Chadam | May 6, 2010

ETF2L Tournament – Update

Well, the tournament is nearing and we have about 10 members partaking. Since most competitive matches are 6vs6, we’re just 2 members short of having two teams. So if anyone knows someone willing to join, feel free to invite them. If you are in the team, please post your primary and secondary class preference. This will help us build the teams and strategize. Most competitive games use attack/attack CP maps, so make sure to practice on maps like Badlands and Granary. As of yet, we don’t know any specifics about the tournament.

The list of members we have are as follows: Chadam, Kimmy, Aldershot, Vazzaroth, Jack Heart, Cobra, Ghost, Secret Squirrel, Zarnmonster, Solid Snack, and Soulreaverm. If you’d like to be added or removed from this list, please post a comment.



  1. Soldier, then pyro or something? I’m working on scout right now, so maybe that?

  2. 6 v 6 matches? So…I’m assuming…2 soldiers, 1 demo, 2 scouts, and 1 medic per team (since that’s the standard competitive team)? This sounds more like a pug now.

    I have an idea of how teams operate on badlands, so we can get started on that map first if people want to train.

    I’m going to have to be a roaming soldier if I play soldier (I’m bad at protecting whoever is my medic I think). I also play medic. Those are my two primary classes.

  3. Btw, Cobra is still unsure. It really depends on when the tournament is. He hasn’t played much TF2 lately.

  4. Badlands usually has a standard competitive team. Occasionally pyros for the starting middle point rush or a heavy at the last point but after that its usual comp stuff. I would play with you guys but Euro servers don’t play well with Hawaiians

  5. i need to know the scheduling

  6. I need to know the scheduling for this.

    my available class:
    – Heavy
    – Medic
    – Engie

    side class
    – Pyro
    – Scout

  7. i thought the etf2l tournament is in the highlander mode. well, nvm when i’m wrong. i would offer myself to give you guys a simple headstart in comp. play. i’m myself in a 6on6 team and we are playing the wireplay season atm.

  8. My strongest classes:
    – Pyro
    – Medic
    – Heavy

    Not much in the way of usual comp stuff..
    Should be fun!

    I can try playing other classes if preferred.

  9. Ooh, Ooh, Scout!

    Failing that: Heavy!

    What can I say, I’m a man of extremes.

    Rubbish at: Demoman (I play for the Sword-y lulz) and Soldier (Decent in pub style, but I’ve played against competitive soldiers. Thats not me and I don’t like it.)

    And I agree about more schedule info…

    Also, this isn’t going to be like that lame last tourny where there were no unlocks allowed is it? I lose ALOT of scout-y effectiveness without my FAN… (But 0 of it as Heavy, since I play close enough to vanilla)

  10. Yeah, I don’t know if I’ll be able to commit to playing. You probably shouldn’t count on me actually being there. If I can make it, my first class preference is definitely medic. I basically suck as every other class, so maybe it will be good for you guys if I can’t play 😀

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