Posted by: Jack Heart | May 4, 2010


If you donate a minimum of $20 you will receive a Secret Option F t-shirt! What could be better than helping  bring the Secret Option F server back and and getting an F-shirt!
There is just one thing! We need a design for the art on said shirts..
So contest!?
The shirts should be two color, that is the color of the ink and shirt. For an additional color it adds an extra fifty cents to each shirt.
The art should be 300 dpi any less and it may end up a bit pixelated.
If you are interested in submitting art contact me via comment on this post.
The final art submissions will be voted on by all of Secret Option F, how ever we reserve the right to ask you to edit your submission.
Yes, you can submit more then one. No, I don’t have a preferred file type.
Also it very well could be become/be submitted as an F spray as well.
*designs are due in two weeks by May 18th.. or sooner I like sooner.

Don’t forget, we appreciate smaller donations too! It will get your Username on the MOTD on the server… (And a strong running for member of the week :D)



  1. I would…if I had any artistic skill at all 😦

  2. How much does it cost to run a server? I’m just wondering how many t-shirts would be needed 😀

    • With the way things are worked out if everyone only donates the minimum: I would like to sell 24, we could have the server up for a year and get a discount.

  3. design: sth with an apple, that gets shot 😛 reallly big on the shirt.
    sry, but i dont have any time to create a design. also you could ask seanclarity. i heard he is good ^^

  4. forgot: should also be a vector-file. that’s usually the filetype all the printing companies or whatever want to have!

    • The shop I use doesn’t have a preference to file type.

  5. I vote for the shirt in the preview picture

  6. I’ll put up a design featuring the F Steam group logo (I still have the photoshop files!) at some point. And if we end up getting something exceptionally awesome, but would cost more to print, I’ll offer to cover the extra costs. 😀

    Also, maybe we should talk to Jening. I have always wanted a shirt with a butterfly knife on the back looking like it was stabbed in saying “Jening was here” 😛

  7. And BTW, noting interest in Said shirt is appreciated.

    Another idea I have been thinking about if this takes off again… Forum? It might be a little better than the current steam group comment box I always forget to check…

  8. Do you think we could get like, a simple general layout, but have a different class on each one? So it’s like 9 different shirts, but they pretty much all look the same?

    • Hmmm….not a bad idea.

      I’ll come up with some designs this weekend also (since I’ll have a little bit of free time from school).

      • not a bad idea. But that would probably mean 9 different runs.. the minimum run is 25 shirts.

      • Why not have all the classes on one then? Maybe silhouettes or something. Like this

      • So Much Color! Just that would add 2.50 a shirt..

      • It doesn’t have to be in colour

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