Posted by: Jack Heart | April 19, 2010

We need your help!

I think we would like to breathe life back in to the Secret Option F server.But I need your help monetarily and administratively.That is to say we need money and avid admins!

Before I fronted all the cash for the server that is until work got thin.. Now I’m asking for your help, please donate. And help bring the Secret Option F server back!

I do believe that most if not all server admins should be restored. If you are interested in admining talk to me and or (I’m going to say)Kimmy we’ll see what we can do. I think it comes down to the more admins, the more games, the more interest in the server and the more potential donations. And that would keep the server going.

We are a friendly community that put fun above every thing else. And I would say we aim to create a nicer gaming experience.
Ok its like 7am now and I don’t know what I’m going on about.. so remember the bacon

Also! donation link to the right, in sidebar thingy —>



  1. I will be helping out in a few weeks… around the 30th. 😀

  2. Same as Vazz :3

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