Posted by: Chadam | April 14, 2010

ETF2L Tournament

As many of you may have read in the recent TF2 blog post, a TF2 tournament is being held by the European TF2 League(ETF2l). It focuses on getting non-competitive players to partake in a competitive tournament. Signups won’t be open for another 3-4 weeks, so you’ll have time to practice and form a team. The main reason this is being posted is to encourage members of our very own F! community to enter this tournament and form a team. (Or multiple teams depending on how many we’ll have.) If you’re interested post a comment and speak with Chadam or Kimmy over Steam to be in the team.

Valve will be willing to give out medals to winners, runner-ups, and even anyone who plays in the tournament. So even if we lose, we’ll still have a good time and leave with some shiny medals.



  1. Whaaaaaaat?! I’m in. Well… are the servers in Europe? I think F’s membership is mosty based in CA…

  2. i’m up to try :). How does it work?

  3. im in

  4. I’m also in.

  5. it IS on european servers.
    since division 6 teams are allowed to play in this tournament you have to do some serious training to win^^ but it’s of course for the fun. but just to be clear, prepare for some competition.
    sont know, if i get my clan to join the challenge, since we will (hopefully) be playing in the wireplay season. we’ll see.

  6. Getting the F! people together again?

    I’m all for this. Count me in as your resident engineer.

    Any chance to play with the F! brothers and sisters again is quite splendid in my book.

  7. Agreed! Don’t forget the NZ’er

  8. if you’re interested in a glimpse of competitive 6on6. check this out:
    it’s today! yay!

  9. here is the replay:

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