Posted by: RLPudding | February 17, 2010

Just (The) Passing by…?

As you all should know, there is a DLC in the making by Valve for L4D2. And it’s called “The Passing”.

The Big News is, it’s coming by the end of march. To shorten the wait, i would like to share some news on the DLC with you, also Screenshots AND Videos! HUURAY!

Just click “MOAR”.

Valve released pictures and details on The Passing on the Microsoft X10-Game Show. They provided ten screenshots and one new weapon. (There is also going to be a golfclub as new melee weapon, but it wasnt shown by Valve).

fallen Survivor

In the beginning of the 3-Map Campaign, the survivors will meet Francis, Zoey, Luis and Bill from L4D1 and they will also help them in the Finale at the end of the campaign. So there will definitely be some conversation between those two survivor groups. Talking about survivors…. a new uncommon infected was presented by Valve aswell. The so called “fallen Survivor”. It’s just simply a survivor, who wasnt immune to the infection, so he carries around med-kits, weapons, pills, molotovs and such stuff. BUT he wont face you, like the normal infected. As soon he sees you, he’s going to run away.

beginning of 2nd map

Beginning of the second map, with the new uncommon.

wedding crashers?

Weddingcrashers in Action?

Soooo… sound pretty good, right? BUT, holdon!

Around one month after The Passing is released, Valve plans on releasing a second DLC for L4D1 with more storybackgrounds, and how the first survivors ended up in the southern states. And a comic with even MORE story will be revealed too. Drawn by Michael Avon Oeming. (Here are two Pictures i found googling his name).


Aaaaand I’m also providing you with an actual gameplay video of The Passing. The video only shows the second map of the campaign, because the encounter with Luis, Zoey and co will be something special, which will not be spoilered.

Here are two more links on

Part 1:

Part 2:

Also some random facts: “In the first two months of Left 4 Dead 2’s release, 28,981,249,043 zombies have been shot, bludgeoned, chainsawed and killed[…]

You read that correctly: 28 BILLION. To put that number in perspective:

  • The entire population of the planet has been zombified and killed 4.26 times.
  • With the average height of a zombie being 6 feet, if you stacked them end to end they would circle the globe 1,322 times.
  • If you placed 28,981,249,043 rulers end to end, they would reach 28,981,249,043 feet in the sky.

In short: That is a bucketload of dead zombies. Nice job, everyone.” – Valve, L4d/Blog



  1. Some interesting stuff. I think the survivor uncommon is especially interesting. Reminds me of the Metal Slime from Dragon Quest. Or Abba from pokemon…

  2. Well, this just gave me the nudge to redownload L4D. =/ Ugh, I actually liked all of the characters in the first L4D…sucks that one of them had to die.

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