Posted by: Vazzaroth | February 12, 2010

Bad news and Good news for the [F!]ers!

First, the good news! The Pirates Vikings and Knights mod for HL2/the Orange box updated today! For those that do not know of this project, this 2.3 release has been in development for quite awhile and is a large updated! Full steamworks has been integrated including achievements, New modes, a new viking class, for a total of 3 vikings and 2 pirates and knight classes, has been added (the Gestir).  I highly recommend this mod with the Vazzaroth-stamp-of-approval for it’s fast paced action and fun, tf2-like melee combat! I hope to see some Secret Option F members on the servers soon! More info about PVK can be found on they’re website ( ) and you can download the mod from the steam store. Search for it at the top left, or under mods.

Now the bad news. The F! TF2 server has been shut down. Jack Heart, the co-founder of F!, simply cannot afford to pay for it out of his own pocket as he has been so graciously doing until now. This is by no means the end of our group, as we have now expanded beyond TF2 and into other games as well.  The fate of re-establishing the F server is currently unknown, if anyone would like to help, please message me, Vazzaroth, or Jack Heart through steam.

Now, go download PVK!

Dar, Parrot.

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