Posted by: RLPudding | January 5, 2010

8-bit Left 4 Dead

Do you know the times, when you get bored from all the amazing looking and SFX blasting games today and wish, you could play all these great games in an old fashined way?

Worry no more! Eric Ruth, himself an independent game developer created our beloved Left 4 Dead in 8-bit, NES-style! It will feature all campaigns, all special infected and of course Zoey, Francis, Louis and Bill!

Francis in the Streets:


Left 4 Dead NES-Style is a simple de-make of the original Valve masterpiece Left 4 Dead.  It is free to download for the PC on Eric Ruth’s website:

Unfortunately not everything could be ported because of the NES limitations (read about it in the interview). But this game is about what is important: Killing Zombies and Survive!

Left 4 Dead Title Screen and Character Select Screen:

Zoey in the train yard:

If you are still reading this and not already on the webiste to download the game, then you should totally check out these two gameplay videos.

If you’re curious, you can check out an interview with Eric Ruth by Big Download: Big Download interview with Eric Ruth

I just know one thing: 2010 is going to be a great year and it already started well.


  1. That’s awesome, I’m gonna check this out.

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