Posted by: Aldershot | December 19, 2009

TF2 Achievement milestone item problems

As many of you may have already noticed, the achievement milestones that usually drop a respective item is not dropping for most. Fortunately Valve is fully aware of this issue and continues to track every one’s progress and achievements that has been earned. Valve is still having some issues with the new back pack system, and has stated officially that all items that were supposed to be gained through achievements but didn’t, will be gained in just a day or two (or when ever valve irons out any left over bugs). So keep achievement farming you whores, you’ll get the items eventually.


  1. Yeah, I got Milestone 1 and 3 for the Demoman but I didn’t get both the Chargin’ Targe and the Scottish Resistance. Two of my friends encountered this glitch too, one of them didn’t get the Direct Hit and my other friend didn’t get the Buff Banner.

    • What Milestone 2?

      • What about* Milestone 2?

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