Posted by: Aldershot | December 19, 2009

Secret crafting item?

With the new crafting system in place, and Valve being ambiguous about blue prints, it’s reasonable to speculate secret items and secret blue prints that has yet to be discovered.

Some one has found this interesting tidbit in the “ orangebox\tf\materials\backpack\player\items\spy\f iresuit” folder. It seems to be the fire retardant spy suit that was tested during the TF2 beta.

It should go with out saying that no blue prints have been found for the suit, or even any confirmation that this actually exist and if it’s even possible to create with crafting. It’s possible that it’s just left over code and resources from the beta test that Valve has yet to clean up or…. maybe… just maybe… it’s a secret crafting item. You be the judge.

(Jening, if your reading this, try not to salivate over your keyboard too much :D)



  1. all blueprints

    • those are all the blue prints FOUND so far.

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