Posted by: Chadam | December 17, 2009

Details on crafting

With the new update, crafting has been released. But making a hat is a long and tedious process that requires a lot of items. So if you have a few dozen duplicated, follow this guide to make yourself a hat. Here is a picture of the crafting menu.

First, you need to create some scrap metal. Here are all the scrap metal blueprints that I know of. Oh and here is a picture of the blueprint menu.

3 of the same melee weapon = 1 scrap metal.

3 of the same secondary weapon = 1 scrap metal.

3 of the same primary weapon = 1 scrap metal.

1 primary, 1 secondary, and 1 melee of any class = 1 scrap metal.

3 scrap metal = 1 reclaimed metal.

3 reclaimed metal = 1 refined metal.

Now you’ll need to combine 3 of those to make reclaimed metal. Reclaimed metal is more valuable scrap metal but still won’t be enough to create a hat. You’ll need to combine 3 of those to make ANOTHER metal type: refined metal. As if you haven’t seen the pattern yet, you’ll need 3 reclaimed metal to make 1 refined metal. The blueprints I’ve listed are the only ways to make said items. But that’s not all you’ll need; you require a slot token to specify which slot the item will fill. Of course this is only needed for items, so if you’re making a hat then don’t worry. But for a hat or a weapon, you’ll need a class token to specify what class the item is for, but they are not really required. You could just make a random hat, but it might just end up being for a class you rarely play. To make these tokens, you’ll need these blueprints. Oh and that badge-like item in the first picture is a Sniper class token.

4 weapons of the same slot = 1 slot token of that slot.

4 weapons used by the same class = 1 class token of that class.

Once you have enough refined metal (and optionally a class token), you may begin to craft a hat. Now you can either combine 3 refined metal to create a random hat, or 3 refined metal and a class token to make a class specific hat.

3 refined metal = random hat.

4 refined metal + 1 class token = hat for that class.

So making a class specific hat requires 3 more refined metal in the long run. Is it worth it? Could be, you might end up with a hat for a class you never play, as I’ve said. But since it takes so many items to make 1 refined metal, I suggest you take that chance. So all in all, it would take 81 (3 refined metal) items to make a random hat and 112 (3 refined metal + 1 token) items to make a specific hat.


  1. Can you choose the hat you want with your class token?

    • unfortunately you can not. the class token specify which RANDOM hat it’ll produce for that specific class.

      example: 4 refined metal + medic token = ANY medic hat.

  2. Good write up. I might add that two “normal” (Not event) hats will make one random hat. I don’t know if you can use a class token with them to choose which class or not though.

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