Posted by: Chadam | December 9, 2009

“Attention Employees” An official TF2 comic!

Valve has very recently posted a comic on the blog featuring the Announcer herself. It can be found >here<. It seems Valve is delving deeper into the TF2 storyline and are about to release details on their latest update! This is exciting, who knows whats in store?


  1. Damn, Chadam, you beat me to it. This is my interpretation:
    Tomorrow we will have the Demo/Soldier update. (Or at least info on it) At the end of the comic, they mention getting new items from Mann Co, which seems to have been the manufacturer of all the unlocks so far. I think we will also be getting either a new mode or a new mechanic in the form of Friendships. It might just be a demo VS soldier thing, but maybe not.

    Misc Thoughts: 1) Page 3, Poor demoman at the eye museum…
    2) I want a beer-hat for the soldier now…
    3) One of the melee weapons will be a marlin fish. You heard it here first.

    Also, besides the fact that a comic is a very interesting way to announce this… I have to say Good Show to Valve for taking a Fan Art rendition of the Announcer and more or less making it official.

    Edit: D: And I was looking forward to the Engie too. If they update him byhimself… it better be awesome!

  2. If anyone is interested…

    I hate waiting for news and constantly Refreshing pages all day >_< And by hate, I mean I live for this shit.

  3. IT’S WAR!

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