Posted by: Chadam | December 8, 2009

New, Questionable TF2 Soundfiles.

A small update for Team Fortress 2 was released on the seventh, fixing some minor particle bugs and the like. But it also came with some interesting sound files. There are about a dozen sound clips of the Announcer speaking of friendships and betrayal. They can all be heard in this video.

Could this be some kind of new gamemode? Hopefully we’ll find out sometime this month. Valve did hint that they would release a sizeable update this month, afterall.

Also check out the speculation on the forums


  1. Weeeeeeird. And some of those are really long!

    Looks like they are finally starting to add at least of a bit of the “official TF2 story” to the actual game. (The game description calls each class mercs, but besides the vague references to Red and Blu corps… the game hasnt brought it up yet.)

    Sounds like, if this is a new mode, it’s going to be way different than the other stuff we have already.

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