Posted by: Chadam | December 6, 2009

L4D2 Keith Mod

BlooCobalt, who I happen to be friends with, has released a  L4D2 Keith mod. Keith is of course Ellis’ acquaintance who he speaks of in his colorful stories in game. He replaces Rochelle, although he’ll still use her voice. The mod has a few bugs, but they will be fixed in time hopefully. More information and the download link can be found here:

I was also able to get a short interview with BlooCobalt.

Chadam [F!]: What was your inspiration for making the Keith mod?

BlooCobalt: Ellis’ stories, they speak of one badass dude.

Chadam [F!]: Well said.
Chadam [F!]: What contributed to your mental image of what Keith looked like?

BlooCobalt: Well, I thought he would be sort of like Ellis.
BlooCobalt: I asked for some opinions from some friends, they suggested shorts.
BlooCobalt: I put it together to see how it looked, I thought it looked good and so did the people I showed.

Chadam [F!]: I see.
Chadam [F!]
: What future plans do you have for your Keith mod?

BlooCobalt: I have a voice actor who is really enthusiastic about this, he’s really into it and he sounds good. Only thing stopping us from continuing at the moment is the lack of proper modding tools.
BlooCobalt: Once Valve releases the L4D2 authoring tools, one of my friends will try to make it so Keith can have his own voice.

Chadam [F!]: Sounds promising.
Chadam [F!]
: Anything you’d like to say about the current bugs that the mod has?

BlooCobalt: There are a few bugs that I know of. 1: when I re-compiled the model, the animations were twisting the bone. I fixed this problem by twisting the hand in the exact opposite way that the anims were twisting it
BlooCobalt: One bug, which I have no idea how to fix, is that when holding certain weapons, they appear in his crotch instead of his hand.
BlooCobalt: They do properly go onto his back, but not in his hands.
BlooCobalt: And if you are playing with a host who doesn’t have the mod, Keith will have some anim glitches, garunteed.

Chadam [F!]: I think that’s about it, unless there’s anything else you want to add.

BlooCobalt: People say his shirt is too bland, so I think that I will, or get someone to, reskin his shirt to either a different color and or have a design on it
BlooCobalt: also, maybe change what is on his hat (his hat is Ellis’ hat, except turned backwards).



  1. Thats actually pretty cool. Im def. up for replacing Rochelle, and her voices are the most annoying part.

  2. haha, i think rochelle is funny.
    but the mod is nice.

    on the cap, there could be the midnight riders logo.

  3. Im all in for the keith bit, but do we have to get rid of the one set of boobs that arent a witch? What about nick? he is a complete ass to ellis (my fav character) and i think we should keep he boobs.

  4. Nicks the best, Coach totally hold the group back. Keep the titties and the nice suit. Down with Coach, Down with Coach.

  5. Funny thing, you left out a cruicial L4D2 Ellis Story, “I’m a MORON Right on his forehead! But you gotta think, he got 50 bucks outa that, so think, whos the REAL Moron?”

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