Posted by: rdughost25 | November 14, 2009

Dead Center Campaign Leaked

Xbox 360 Copies of L4D2 were accidentally sold early yesterday, and a video of Dead Center has been uploaded to YouTube thanks to the error.

SPOILERS AHEAD (video features full campaign)

This is the first in a series of 5 videos showing a full play through of Dead Center, other 4 videos can be found after the break.

Here are a few interesting things I noted during the video

-This seems to be the first in the series of campaigns,  if you have watched the trailer/ “zombie survival guide” for L4D2 this takes place right after the helicopter leaves the survivors on the rooftop. This is also seems to be the campaign in which the survivors meet each other, in one scene the survivors introduce themselves to each other. They also don’t call the special infected by their “formal” names; for example hunters are called hoodies and jockeys are referred to as leapers.

– In the second level, you run to a gun store in which you find an intercom that lets you talk to the owner who tells you he has barricaded himself on the roof and forgot to bring cola with him. He sets up a deal in which you, go to the store across the street and he’ll clear a path to the mall for you. There’s a door at the store with an alarm that goes off when it opens, triggering a rolling crescendo. You have to run inside and get the cola, (which acts like a gas can or a propane tank in that you can only melee while holding it) bring it back to the door where the man is barricaded, and deliver it.
– Laser sights are said to make your gun more accurate, you can see where your team mates are aiming, and make it
a bit easier to aim while in smoke or dark settings

– I thought they’d fix this or change the mechanic but, when you have a melee weapon and you’re incapped, you some how get a pistol when you’re down and when you get picked up you have your melee weapon again.

– The finale is interesting, it’s kind of like the new scavenge mode. there is an un-fueled car that you need to fill with 8 gas tanks. It’s much like the rolling crescendos before it, but this time there are tank(s) to deal with. In the video it only had one tank, I’d hope to see 2 like in the original L4D finales



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