Posted by: Aldershot | November 14, 2009

L4D2 CSS weapons; German exculsive

German players have been screwed out of awesome gore effects, and even some games because of high violence and the censor laws involved. It seems Valve has recognized this and has given them a huge bonus with their editions of L4D2. German players will be treated to an exclusive set of weapons from the popular game “Counter Strike Source”, but don’t worry North American players, you’ll get a chance to try it out too as any one playing with a some one in Germany will have a 50% chance of those weapons spawning in your game. No word on any special bonuses with the Australian edition as of yet.

The weapons in action!



  1. Whoah! I really didn’t see that coming. And it looks like in the videos they are whole new weapons. I figured they would just essentially be new skins for old ones.

    Man, that would be cool if those came to all the versions eventually or… something.

  2. Who ever made this video, no offense but your aiming sucks…

    Yea I look forward to seeing it implemented into all versions..not our fault that their government puts such strict laws on them..

    • the idea only 1 country getting to play these weapons on a consistent rate does seem a bit unfair at first thought, but i think valve is onto some thing here. what if this idea catches on and each country get their own special set of weapons and when you play with a person from that country you’ll get a chance for that weapon to spawn.

      i think that would really help mix things up and add some incentive to interact with people from over seas

  3. But theres the underlying problem that Pings to Germany = suck…

    I agree with Crow… seeing this on the X bawks and the horrible aiming with sticks was pretty depressing.

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