Posted by: Aldershot | November 12, 2009

11/11 Soley update?

There has been a lot of speculations on almost every TF2 forum of a Soldier update announcement on November the 11th (yesterday). There are a few reasons for the forums to think this, one being November 11th is Veteran’s day, suited to the Soldier’s persona. Also during the “Meet the spy” video the soldier punches in “1, 1, 1, 1” in the key pad to unlock a door, and during the Medal give away, valve gave away 11,111 medals. November being the 11th month, making every thing fall into the “1111” motif, it just seem to make sense.

Alas, there was no announcement, no update, no Easter egg found, nothing. It was what it was… just speculations.

Luckily for us, the TF2 community doesn’t take disappointment sitting down, instead, made their own soldier update and we’re here to share it with you!


View the full community Soldier update after the break!!


The most interesting aspect of this fan made update is that the creator used community input to create it, making this a true community creation.

[Update] Seems like this update is still a work in progress. The steam forum mods has closed almost every 11/11 thread on the official TF2 forums, even this constructive non-trolling thread. yharrothar has informed me that he will be recreating a new thread, taking more community input as he expands his update even further. Stay tuned for updates!!

Created by: yharrothar




  1. I like that last hat. Alot.

    Man, valve really missed a cool opportunity with the soldier update date…

    • these are actual mod hats that you can DL. I’ll be making a feature on mod hats one of these days…. when i feel less lazy.

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