Posted by: Aldershot | November 5, 2009

Weekly recap Vol.7


Member of the week: (COW) Soulreaverm (F!)

Entries posted during the week.

(Oct 26 – Nov 4)

Weekly Poll results Oct 26 – Nov 4

  • “Are you playing L4D2 demo this week?” (Hellz yeah!! – 60%) (No. Buying it later – 20%) (No, I’m not getting L4D2 – 20%)

Blog updates:

  • Yeah I know… late again lol. Recaps are now going to be posted Wednesday rather than Mondays from this point on (and I realize that this is Thursday now and even with the new date I’m still late :D)
  • [Sacred Heart Med] Dr. Reid has been made an editor on the blog. We hope to see many goodies posted from Miss Reid.

-Jening Blog weekly recap-


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