Posted by: zarnmonster | November 4, 2009

Versus in L4D2 Demo? No Way!’t wait till the 17th to play versus? A modder by the name of Saul has created a plugin to allow just that! But you will have to wait to get the the full versus experience because right now you can only play 2v2 matches.

First download the plugin here. Unzip it to your C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\common\left4dead2demo. Now open up the demo and enter this in your console: ‘plugin_allow_remote_commands 1′ followed by: ‘plugin_cvar sb_all_bot_team 1′

Start a local server by going to campaign > play with friends > create a game lobby. Set the game to local server and start it by yourself or with friends. Enter ’set_infected 1′ in console to switch to the infected team. After 10-20 seconds you will spawn in as an infected!

Commands for the plugin:

  • plugin_allow_remote_commands <0 or 1> – Allow clients to use commands like “set_infected” and “infected_spawn” from their console
  • plugin_infected_autorespawn <0 or 1> – Auto-respawn infected players when they die
  • plugin_infected_autorespawn_delay – Delay in which to respawn infected (-1 = random, see plugin_infected_autorespawn_delay_random_min and plugin_infected_autorespawn_delay_random_max, 0 = no delay, # = # seconds)
  • plugin_infected_autorespawn_delay_max – Highest value to randomize to
  • plugin_infected_autorespawn_delay_min – Lowest value to randomize from
  • plugin_tank_spawn_chance – Percentage chance that a player may spawn as a tank (default is 10)

Thanks to Deadweight for letting me know about this.

[via Left4Dead2Tricks]




  1. another +1 reason to pre-order.

    +1 to demo
    +1 to baseball bat
    +1 to hat
    +1 to early access
    +1 to versus

    -5 to being lame
    -10% of retail price

    if this was an MMO, you’d be stupid not to get this 🙂

    so… pre order it

  2. I refuse to until there’s someway to bypass the censored bits in .au! *shakes fist*

  3. I won’t lose my hats will I?

    • yeah you would…. to me

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