Posted by: Chadam | October 29, 2009

The Team Fortress 2 Haunted Halloween Special!

To celebrate Halloween, Valve released a special, Halloween-themed update filled with goodies!

First off, 5 new achievements! Get them while they last!


Second, a new community-made map, KOTH_Harvest! Also included is KOTH_Harvest_Event, which will only be available for Halloween. It’s no ordinary map, exploding pumpkins and haunting ghosts are littered everywhere. The exploding pumpkins kill anyone foolish enough to stand by them, they even come with a custom kill icon! As for the ghost, he appears randomly and spooks any player who gets too close, causing them to run away in fear and become completely defenseless!

Lastly, a few minor changes to the game. The medkits have even been replaced with candy-kits, of course they still have the same effect. There’s also candy; it appears sometimes when someone is brutally killed, collecting it will give you crits for a few seconds. There are also brand new hats! Two to be precise, The Ghostly Gibrus and the Midly Disturbing Halloween Mask. The mask can be obtained by collecting 20 candies, while the Gibrus is more rare. Valve gave away 10,319 of them to those who found the hidden link, but you can get it by dominating any lucky bastard happening to be wearing one. Last, but not least, Thriller taunts! That’s right, every class has a chance to pay homage to Michael Jackson’s Thriller by doing the trademark dance! More information can be found on the TF2 blog, have fun and a very happy Halloween!




  1. Whee! Very interesting and glad to see Valve supporting TF2 again. Played the event map tonight, it was pretty fun. Dominated Jening to get the Hat achievement, although Zarn and I already found it earlier that day. 😀

    Still gonna work on the next few over these few days. Hope to see everyone on!

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