Posted by: zarnmonster | October 26, 2009

Left 4 Dead 2 – Hands on!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to go to Armageddon, a pulp culture expo (like a tiny version of Comic-Con) here in Auckland. Heaps of upcoming games to try out, including: God of War 3, Assassins Creed 2, Uncharted 2, Brutal Legend, Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2, Borderlands and more. The most exciting one being, of course Left 4 Dead 2!

The demo consisted of the first two chapters of “The Parish”, which strangely is set during the day, read the in-depth review after the break

New stuff galore


Tier 1 weapons: the same, pump action shotgun or uzi and the pistol
Tier 2 weapons: hunting rifle and assault rifle make a return along with the new additions of an AK47 and a spaz shotgun

I did notice that you couldn’t hold as much ammo as before, seemed to run out of ammo faster than usual.

At one point there was a popup about a laser sight attachment to increase your accuracy, but I never found one.


This particular campaign held 4 different melee weapons to choose from: the more traditional police baton or machete or the more improvised frying pan or electric guitar. Who would have thought smacking a zombie’s head off with a guitar would be so satisfying?


There is now a defibrillator which takes up the same spot as the health kit. Didn’t get a chance to use it though (and the game didn’t prompt me to either) but my guess is that it instantly revives a downed teammate. It revives a dead teammate, instead of having to rescue them from a closet.

Then new item that takes up the same slot as the pills is the adrenaline syringe. Also not sure what this does, after use you get some health back, like pills but not as much, and I think it increases your movement speed and also has the advantages of eliminating melee fatigue, allowing full movement speed at any health and stops the common infected slowdown

(Thanks to [HAWAII] Blue Wolf Fenrir for the item clarification)


The tank, witch, boomer, smoker and hunter return the same as the original only the smoker getting a new character model. The witch has been modified slightly, she now wanders around an area instead of sitting in one spot.

There are 3 new special infected:

The spitter which spits (go figure) a green acid-like slime in your direction which then coats the ground and causes damage to anyone who is standing on it.
The charger, comes running in from a distance, grabs a survivor if one of them happens to be in his way and continues to run until he hits a wall. Then he starts slamming the survivor into the ground until they are rescued or killed.
The jockey, a midget of a zombie which jumps on top of you and rides you while he claws at you, much like the hunter except you still have some movement control over your character, although it is very limited.

In addition to the special infected, there are also uncommon infected, common infected with special attributes. In this campaign there were police zombies wearing bullet proof vests, requiring extra firepower to take down.


I didn’t notice much difference in the quality of the graphics between 1 and 2. The most notable change was the detail on the common infected. The decapitations and dismemberments return, but more gory than ever. But the most impressive part was the localised damage, when you shoot a zombie in the torso their flesh is blown off to reveal their innards, guts and all.

All who preordered it will get to try this out tomorrow!





  1. OMG…. im so god DAMN excited!!

  2. Zarn. I am so jealous right now. Of you. That is all.

  3. To Clarify:

    Defibrillator revives a DEAD teammate. That’s right. DEAD.

    Adrenaline Syringe makes you run at top speed regardless of health, and you don’t get slowed down by common infected attacks, nor do you suffer from melee fatigue.

    Boomer has a female version, Hunter has a tattered version, Smoker has a mutated version, Tank has a bald version.

    And I cannot wait to play this game with my new graphics card. Supreme awesomeness awaits.

  4. i was very lucky to play l4d2 on tuesday before the demo release.
    i also met chet faliszek (the father of l4d). and he is very nice.
    also the game is a lot of fun. i’m going to buy it today, yay.
    i also played some dead circus and swamp XD (but it was forbidden)

    well, to sum it up: the game conviced me to buy it.

    • pudding your lucky!!

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