Posted by: Aldershot | October 23, 2009

My other camper is a sword van

sword_vanJust a couple of days ago, Valve released a SDK update adding models used in the “Meet the Sniper” short, which of course  includes the  Sniper’s camper. If you look carefully at the camper model, the front bumper features an interesting bumper sticker which reads “My other camper is a sword van”. What does that mean?

Valve is well-known for being well aware of their game communities activities. They took notice of the fan made Guard Dog update, drunken f00l’s, featured many community made maps, and apparently, they also read the many fan made TF2 comics, because “Sword van” is a classic fan TF2 comic that gained some notoriety a little while back.


Learn more about the SWORD VAN after the break!

Here’s some more “Sword van” action!





  1. Gahhahah when i get a car im gettin dis!

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