Posted by: Aldershot | October 23, 2009

Leaked Left 4 Dead 2 New Trailer

Are you excited? I’m excited.




  1. Pretty sweet video. I know one thing I’m looking forward to in L4D2 is that overall I like the characters better. I kind of hated the characters in L4D except Francis. I like pretty much all of these ones, except the girl, mostly because its incredibly stupid to wear big hoop earrings when your fighting zombies! Those are like Head-handles!

    • lol me and ghost were talking about how much we don’t like the new chick in L4D2 and how zoey is a trillion times better. i just find it a little ironic.

      ellis issooo the scooot

      • Yea he is. While I like being able to play the scout, I think my fav. character is the mobster looking guy. The fact that its a WHITE suit in a dark game should be awesome. On that note, one reason Im looking forward to see if L4D2 will win me over more than the first, it looks alot brighter/during day time more. I think Night is way overdone in horror games. Theres plenty of scary shit that’s even scarier when you can see it coming! (and makes playing less of a hassle)

        Man I hope they have a blood splatter engine for that white suit. It looks like a blank canvas…

  2. im excited!

  3. why is ellis always the one who gets attacked?

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