Posted by: Aldershot | October 21, 2009

Weekly recap Vol.5

Member of the week: -[RDU]- Ghost 25

Member of the week: -RDU- Ghost'25

Entries posted during the week.

Weekly Poll results Oct 5 – 12

  • “Random crits in TF2 are…” (Good – 64%) (Bad – 14%) (Don’t Care – 23%)

Blog updates:

  • RealLifePudding submitted a brand new video to our video page, showing off some of his spy skill!
  • Sorry about the late recap, and the general slowness of updates last week. I’ve been incredibly busy with school and other stuff. So some time this week, we’re going to announce at least one more new editor to help keep this blog updated daily!! Who will it be? That’s a surprise!! If your interested and is a member a F! then feel free to contact one of the admins about this, and we will consider you. Alternatively you can just reply to this article letting us know you’re interested. PS. To make up for the slow updates last week, tomorrow I promise at least 2-3 brand spank’n new articles!!

-Jening Blog weekly recap-

  • No new updates this week but if you check now, there’s some goodies recently updated that we’ll recap next week. VISIT THE JENINGnet!


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