Posted by: Aldershot | October 19, 2009

What is this? the Secret option FAKE UPDATE blog or something?

Okay, so the fake updates are starting to get old, I know, but this one is especially hilarious and just couldn’t resist. From this point on, I’ll still post new fake updates but as a collection post, maybe once every week or two (assuming the fake update fad holds up). I personally really love seeing these because it’s a creative means of expressing your idea for an update, and these do take a certain amount of ability and time to make them look polished. I give my kudos to those who took the time and hope to see more!


While we’re on the topic of fake updates, a few months back, our friend Unite S Jening fell ill, and many of his friends thought of sending him a warm wish in the form of a fake update greeting card. Check out the fake JENINGupdate AFTER THE BREAK!!


Check out the original posting here!!

Don’t forget to visit THE JENING NET!


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