Posted by: Aldershot | October 18, 2009, now with trading!!

Drunken f001 has informed the community that just today has been updated! The biggest change is the inclusion of a trade system. Just sign up, claim and verify your back pack, hit the trade button on the top left corner, and your ready to trade your crap!!

“I’ve just published a whole bunch of improvements to Most notably, you can now create an account and find other players to trade with. Because the site knows what items players have, you can be sure the players you have found to trade with actually have the items they say they do.”Drunken f001

You can read more about it on Drunken f001‘s Steam thread:



  1. Kudos to you, comrade! I’ve found someone to trade with; but how can I trade?

  2. yeah that’s the problem -.-
    Anyone knows how to TRADE, not to find matches ?

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