Posted by: Aldershot | October 16, 2009

Member spot light: RealLifePudding

I’d like every one to meet RealLifePudding!! Pudding is a member and a friend of Secret Option F, and when playing with us, he’s often the Medic, Engie, or Heavy dominating your sorry ass 😛 He’s also very well known for his video editing he’s done for us and Jening. Pudding plays from Berlin Germany, and even though he’s half way around the world with tons of lag, he still play many games with us, and we appreciate it very much!!

In this article we’ll feature many of Pudding’s video he’s done, and a small chat with our German friend.

here’s an example of his editing work. AMAZING!! “They’ll Come (a HL2 short)”

More on RealLifePudding and his videos after the break!!


Aldershot: what are some of your favorite games?

RealLifePudding: gothic 2+night of the raven addon, splinter cell series ❤

Aldershot: when did you start TF2?

RealLifePudding: i started playing tf2 when it came out with the orange box. but i actually bought it because of hl2:ep2 and portal. i didn’t wanted to play tf2 in the first place^^ but then i tried and loved it.

Aldershot: whats your fave classes?

RealLifePudding: my fav class is engineer and heavy, even though i try to cut my playtime as engie.

Aldershot: what are some changes you’d make in TF2?

RealLifePudding: i would totally remove all the hats and the random drop system, and i would make harder achievements. I would also integrate a system, where you can delete single stats and not all of them

Aldershot: do you have any thing to say to our readers?

RealLifePudding: things to say to the readers…. not really. just keep playing and enjoy your life. it’s the only thing you will miss the most, when you lose it. also tf2 4tw, JENING for PRESIDENT and F! RUUULZ!!!


Here’s some more videos done by RealLifePudding!!

“the Citadel” A great composite video of the Citadel from HL”

“Nico WEB” A cool mini short of Grand Theft Auto 4

“BluemanGroup Typography 2” A sweet music video featuring the Blue Man Group

“Combo Collection 6” Over in Germany and parts of Asia, Pen Spinning is a popular hobby. RealLifePudding being from Germany is an active participant of the hobby, and this is a video featuring some of his greatest moves.

Thanks RealLifePudding for being awesome, and I’m sure we’ll see you in future games!

Check out more of Pudding’s videos on his YouTube page!!



  1. Ausgezeichnet!
    (I would now try to write my post auf Deutsch, but its been a few years since my German class. I’ll spare myself the embarrassment)

    Cool Vids Pudding, and that spinning preeeeetty pro. I recognized some moves of Shaolin monks and other Staff Fighters with the Bo-staff, they just do it on they’re bodies instead.

    • there’s also a lot of moves in the combo video that are similar or even the same as a lot of the spie’s butterfly knife tricks. good stuff

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