Posted by: Aldershot | October 13, 2009

Gabe in Australia!!

This is a follow up to Valve boycotts L4D2 boycotter?

Exactly one month ago, we featured an article of a L4D2 boycotter getting community help to fly Gabe and Robin to Australia to preview his mod. It looks like Valve are true to their word, as just a few days ago, Gabe Newell did infact fly to Australia to give a presentation and to preview the modder’s map he was creating. (this is part 1, part 2 will be posted on a later date once it’s up)

Gabe talks a lot about the Valve community in this video. From what he was saying, you can get a good sense that Valve really does know what us gamers want. This is partially the reason why Valve’s business model is so great, it takes into account of the cultural and social impact of their games and uses it to further more projects and ideas. I think all game companies, including Blizzard, could learn a lesson or two from Valve. Kudos to Gabe for living up to his word, and Kudos to Valve for their great perspective they offer in game business and design.




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