Posted by: zarnmonster | October 8, 2009

Scavenge for your lives!

One of the new game modes in the upcoming Left 4 Dead 2 was revealed at a hands-on event in San Francisco earlier tonight. The new multiplayer competitive mode had been dubbed “scavenge”. This mode has the four survivors fighting their way through the horde in order to find 16 gas cans hidden throughout the map in order to power up a generator to complete the level.

More details after the break

The games, which are said to be shorter than normal versus rounds, are split up into 6 rounds, 3 for each team. Each of these rounds starts with 2 minutes on the clock, with each gas can successfully recovered adding 20 extra seconds to the time limit. Overtime (Overtyme, ovatime, OVERTIME!) is triggered when time runs out but a survivor is still carrying a can and will only end when the can is knocked out of the survivor’s hand or the generator is successfully started.

The infected team, as usual, is trying anything they can to prevent the survivors from achieving their goal. No only can they knock the cans out of the survivors’ hands, but one of the new special infected, the Spitter, can ignite the cans with their phlegm. The cans can also be exploded by fellow survivors, so watch that friendly fire.

Just like survival mode, the maps, 6 in total, will be adaptations of the normal campaign maps.

Original story and pics from Destructoid




  1. i think this is valve’s answer to vs survival.

    not a bad idea overall. though i have to admit, i was hoping for a race mode of some sort

  2. Aw, you got my hopes up with the name. I thought you would have to find your weapons and started with none. Ah well, this mode sounds better than VS anyway.

  3. Is that Ellis? Why does he look so different if that’s him?

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