Posted by: Aldershot | October 6, 2009

A cobra is not a bear -OR- a BEARy awesome TF2 mod

That Heavy is… a bear?

bF! would like to present to you one of the best TF2 skin mods ever released!  Kashmir’s “Heavy – Bear”!! This mod features custom made meshes, textures, animations, and even sound! One of the highest quality TF2 mods ever made in my opinion. BUT WAIT!! That’s not all!! Kashmir’s has assembled a team of his friends to help him transform every TF2 class into an animal for an up coming “Circus Expansion pack“. They’re also currently working on a way to create a whole new play mode that features 4 team combat that will hopefully be released with the Circus expansion.

Details on Kashmir’s Circus Expansion pack as well as more images and videos of the Heavy Bear after the break!

Circus Expansion pack concept art:




Couple of screenies of the Bear Heavy

bear0004 bear0005

Stay tuned to the F! blog!! We’ll be following the development of the Circus Expansion pack, as well in the coming days we’ll be going over other great mods from Kashmir in more detail!

Download this mod!


Kashmir’s Steam profile




  1. can’t wait for the mod which makes the spy a crab 😀

  2. so i played all night with the bear mod. here’s what i’ve noticed

    1. sandvich is now salmon (awesome!)
    2. it works amazingly!!
    3. Watching the new bear expressions as the heavy kill tons of people is awesome!! (great blend shapes)
    4. i love the growl when ever i bring up my claws, but i noticed i growl even as other classes now when ever i switch to melee. not a huge bug, but a bug none-the less
    5. AWESOME!!

  3. […] but we want to highlight it any ways.  Another Kashmir Mod, the  creator that brought you the Heavy Bear skin, featured here just a few days ago. This “Pyro – Girl” mod will end the debate of […]

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