Posted by: Aldershot | October 5, 2009

TF2, Now on the Internet!!


Team Fortress 2 has a very rich and thriving culture, inspiring fan art, comics, podcasts, and even this very blog your reading! There is no shortage of games, communities, leagues, or discussion of the game, you just have to look hard enough. We’re here to make your TF2 studies just a little bit easier. The following is a list of Secret Option F’s favorite TF2 related websites.

JENINGnetHome of our good friend Unite S Jening, TF2’s own celebrity super spy! Visit his blog, see what’s new with the Jening community, leave a comment!

Ubercharged.netOne of the net’s biggest and most popular TF2 blog. Tons of original articles, interesting factoids, and useful tips. (An absolute MUST bookmark)

Community FortressHome of many competitive TF2 players. Covers news, and updates from the competitive TF2 world.

Back pack ExaminerOne of the most useful TF2 sites out there. Great for examining other people’s back packs, or to check up on your own.

TF2: Item TradingGreat fan site for advertising your hat trades prior to the trade system. Well organized, easy to understand,  and useful.

TF2 WikiThis is the wiki page for TF2. Visit, study, this is your text book. Full of great information, every TF2 player’s personal bible…. and text book 😀

TF2 MapA TF2 custom map specific fan site. Download the best there is here,while checking what’s in development

TF2 StrategyA collection of various tutorials and tip guides for all skill levels of TF2. Great place to learn some new tricks.

TF2 Tactics: Another site dedicated to TF2 stratagies and tips. Covers a lot of advance tactics. (thanks to RealLifePudding for this link)

Control PointTF2’s most listened to pod cast!!

If there are any other sites you’d like to recommend, LEAVE A COMMENT!! If we like it, we may update this post.





    i find this site very useful

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