Posted by: Vazzaroth | October 5, 2009

Secret Option F Server Upgrade!

wid003The Secret Option F server has been upgraded to use a secondary host server for our map files. Now you can download them from that server, and they are even compressed to make it super fast (Compared to before). However, this does make the server a bit more expensive to keep running. Now, more than ever, SOF! will greatly appreciate any donations! If we can accumulate just 5$ a month, that’s enough to pay for the download server!


Also, very soon we will be hosting a Custom Map extravaganza (Probably within a week or two). Beside the current custom maps, we would be happy to run any other of your favorite customs. Please post any suggestions on this page, or tell an admin! Note: Pyro Dodgeball may be uploaded, depending on if the server will support it. Hope to see you there!



Current F server customs:

  • KOTH map pack (5 KOTH maps)
  • PL_Swiftwater
  • CP_Warpath
  • CTF_Orient
  • CP_Desert Fortress
  • CP_Redfort

Come join us on our server!! Server IP:




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