Posted by: Aldershot | October 3, 2009

Very Manly TF2 Avatars

Does your steam avatar suggest you have a pet beaver rather than a rooster? Are you too calm and wish to be more angry? Do you feel inadequate in a public shower? WELL NO MORE!! With Manly Angry Avatars Co. comes a revolution in testosterone enriched avatars!! These highly aggressive avatars will scream in your enemy’s ear “IM A MAN!! I have a forest worth of chest hair, and I’m F***’n pissed!!”.

A whole lot more Manly Angry Avatars can be found here

Visit the Manly Angry Avatar Co. Steam page




  1. I pretty much rofled at the puking sniper. Now… if only it was a Jarate jar he was puking into…

  2. Haha, you actually liked my puking sniper image? 😀 Cool 🙂

  3. Uber Jarate! =D
    Angry Pyro is just what I needed, thanks!

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