Posted by: zarnmonster | October 2, 2009

F! – Now with vent! to our good friend Achmed we now have a vent server to use for whatever we want. So hop on in and test it out

port: 4212




  1. I’d like to see members start using this especailly for L4D.

    Vent + L4D has a lot of advantages.

    1. you can set vent volume seperate from the games. so no longer are the zombie hoard too loud to hear your team mates over

    2. if you dont use the mic, crouch walk, and turn off the flash light you become invisible to the infected’s radar (the glowy out line). with vent, you can do that while still communicating with your team.

    • I can’t help but think #2 is slightly cheating

      • lol. its a minor “exploit” considering the legths to get that advantage.

  2. I also don’t think there is a one second delay for voice chat in vent.

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