Posted by: Aldershot | October 1, 2009

TF2 Engineer update!! (..heh)

That’s right folks… the ENGIE UPDATE IS OUT!!! Bet ya didn’t know !


More info and images after the break!

Engie update day 1


Engie update day 2


Engie update day 3


As many of you may have already realized, this is entirely fake! Another wonderful fan made update!

Visit the original page of origin!!




  1. how come this isn’t on the tf2 forum >.>?

    • damn, i shoulda clicked the read more button first, can someone delete my comments -_-?

  2. Hurm. I’m not sure how useful the mothership would be, but I can definately use the EMP and Hellraiser.

  3. Seen this a while go. It really is well made, more so than that guard dog update in my opinion.

  4. I actually wouldn’t mind if Mach4 was added. I always liked it…

    Mothership would address a main engie problem, but making it too easy to kill would remove most usefullness I’d say. (Considering how easy engie stuff is to kill already -_-)

    It would be awesome for a class to have a nailgun like old skool TF. Anything besides just a nail gun would be… well, extra.

    EMP: Give it to Demo.

    • the Mach4 is alredy a map same with the idle one.

  5. […] TF2 Engineer update!! (..heh) […]

  6. Nice try, isn’t a Valve owned domain name.

    Connecting to…

    owner: RODRIGO GAVA – ME (1008000)

    % Security and mail abuse issues should also be addressed to
    %,, respectivelly to
    % and
    % accepts only direct match queries. Types
    % of queries are: domain (.br), ticket, provider, ID, CIDR
    % block, IP and ASN.

  7. Ah, my apologies, didn’t realize this wasn’t meant to be deceptive.

  8. This is a fake. Look the very bottom.

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