Posted by: Aldershot | October 1, 2009

Pyro’s Flamethrower Mechanics

The following video takes an in depth look into the Pyro’s Flamethrower mechanics. The video will go over how the flames function, how movements affect it, and the precise hit box of the flames. It’s highly advised that you pay attention to the text that pops up in the video, as they will explain exactly what’s going on.

In contrast to popular belief, this video shows the flames are actually quite accurate and consistent, in respect of the the actual hit boxes. Most people’s aiming issues with the flame thrower tend to be a combination of a lack of understanding of how the “real” flames work, and the fact that the particle flame doesn’t always match the “real” flame. You’ll notice parts of the video where the particles extend beyond the actual flame hit box, yet in other parts the hit boxes would extend briefly beyond the particles. But now with this knowledge, and with the proper practice, you should be able to aim your flames as accurately as a sniper aims his rifle… or… maybe not 😛

Special thanks to Frump who brought this video to our attention.




  1. Thats pretty cool. I had no idea TF2 had a point of contact VS flame origin mechanic check like that. Or that you can kind of rubber-band the flames forward/back or left/right.

    Otherwise, I’ve gotten pretty accustomed to the pyros particle weapon. I win alot of pyro VS pyro duels because I shoot ahead of the strafing pyro and let him run into it, and keep him in flames for most of the time.

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