Posted by: Vazzaroth | September 26, 2009

Robots, Robots, ROBOTS!!?

Who doesn’t love Ghost Busters, Transformers, pirates, jetpacks, and all the other items, themes, and stories that have been collected under the wonderful category of Geekdom? Let’s be honest, we all do. And who doesn’t love large and small, metallic and shining, Man’s best friend, the Robot?  Apparently the people at Shoebox do! 3 Robots a week was the challenge, and currently the artist is up to 103!

165 Robots with Stuff

-Posted by Vazzaroth on behalf of Zebra, and he would like to point out how awesome the Star Wars robots are (and the Link-bot from Zelda), and wonders if any TF2 bots may be produced…



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