Posted by: Aldershot | September 25, 2009

TF2D a cell shaded world

Ever wonder what Team Fortress 2 would look like if valve decided on a more traditional cell shade, rather than their current shading? I think it may look some thing likes…. this.


There’s an interesting thread posted on the Valve community content forums of cell shaded character models. As of this post, there aren’t a lot of information released about these images. Knucklesx, the original poster, only provided these short qoutes: “Whipped these up in a few hours. Shame they don’t work on sv_pure servers though. Should i do the rest of the classes?” and “Finished the classes and done the first person models. Except i tested them in a large game and the fps wasnt so good with them. since they are double the polycount of the normal models.” From what I can tell, it’s a new shader mod currently in development, but judging from the 2nd comment, it seems to have a a few hurdles to get over before it’s released.

More images and comparison shots after the break!

Compare those with the original and the difference is like day and night:

Original thread can be found here:




  1. I really love the looks of the TF2 team cell shaded. It’s a shame they’re such a burden on the game’s performance.

  2. Wow that kinda reminds me of Okami for some reason O_o

  3. looks like tf2 if it was on teh psp…TEAM FORTRESS PORTABLE

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