Posted by: Aldershot | September 23, 2009

SPECIAL F! FEATURE: Guard Dog Update interview!

Just 2 days ago valve posted a very suspicious note with a link to a “Guard Dog” update. It caused quite a stir in the community for a few hours. Only when some one discovered this thread on the steam forum before people realized, this was all a hoax, brought to us not by the person who created the update, but by Valve them selves. It was an interesting day for sure, one many TF2 fans won’t forget.


In this entry we had the pleasure of talking to [Senhoras Senis] Jumento M.D, the creator of the Guard Dog update, where we’ll be going over his thoughts on TF2, and the history and origin of the update. Interview after the break!

The interview is between myself, Aldershot, and [Senhoras Senis]Jumento M.D.

Aldershot: how long have you played TF2?

Jumento M.D.: about a year ago. I started few days before the Pyro update. since that time, i never stops. i play every weekend and occasionally in the week.

Aldershot: ah nice. Pyro update is a pretty good time to start. that’s when TF2 really started to get interesting

Aldershot: what are your favorite class(s)?

Jumento M.D.: Sure! I like the spy/eng couple, since when i play with one, im getting better with the other. Recently, i started playing the Demoman due the trap possibilities. i have more hours with spy>eng>pyro>demoman

Aldershot: You would like our friend Unite S Jening. He’s quite a good spy. What are some of the things you think valve has done right with TF2?

Jumento M.D.: They´ve done a miracle over the original TF. I dont like fps games, but when i saw TF2 i felt the need to take a better look. TF2 wasnt made to be serious, there’s a lot of fun from the character design and entire TF2 universe and that made all the differences. Good design direction from Valve.Another thing they´re doing right is listening to the community, this make a nice link between the company and the public, it keep users interested and anxious for news.That´s why TF2 became more and more famous.

Aldershot: ah i see, so what do you think would be some things valve should improve on with TF2?

Jumento M.D.: Oh,please god..finish the incomplete work.The class updates and “meet the” videos. The bug fixes are well appreciate though.Since i start play TF2, im still a victim of the “spec-lock” bug where you join in a team and can’t choose a class, the only thing you can do is spec or try to join again in the server. I have a dream of a better engine too.

Aldershot: You spoke of Valve listening to the community, is this what inspired you into making the Guard Dog Update?

Jumento M.D.: Yes…since the jarate/FAN/sandvich updates, i noticed Valve doing a great job listening the community. When i decided to make the Guard dog, i didnt think about it being implemented, the idea just popped in my mind and i could see it being a good addition and fun for the game. There´s a lack of one class who can track an enemy like a radar. Thinking that, i remember how dogs are good at finding hidden people with his sniffing skill. Then i made a dog. Valve, some updates ago said something about the 10th class (a myth or true..we´ll never know) and it might not be human. So..i put the pieces together and went on the Guard dog project.

Aldershot: thats very interesting!! just so you know, valve has confirmed that they are at least TESTING the idea of a 10th class, but won’t go in depth until all 9 current classes are updated

Aldershot: but back on topic, how long did the guard dog update take to finish?

Jumento M.D.: more than a month hehehe. i wanted to make something very similar to Valve´s work.So i needed to decrypt any small detail in the layout, how they work etc. As a graphical designer, i took some time looking at it and then started to build the update. I could have finished it faster, but i only worked  on it in my free time and when my mind is clear. i needed more time to concept the character, work with 3D and worse….make a 3D program render similar to an in game engine render. english isnt my main language which also slowed down the process.

Aldershot: ah i can see how that can be time consuming. what programs did you use to make it?

Jumento M.D.: I used only two programs…Photoshop and 3Dmax.

Aldershot: did you have any help creating the guard dog update?

Jumento M.D.: yes…by a friend. He helped me with the achievements ideas and translation.

Aldershot: the achievements look great by the way!! VERY official looking

Jumento M.D.: they were the most difficult part to do hehehe, but i laughed at each one

Aldershot: did you know that valve knew about your dog update?

Jumento M.D.: Yes…anyone on Steam received the blog update with the letter…when i saw it, i almost fainted….OMG Valve heard the community again! the letter says said every thing but explained nothing, Valve was wise on that! The official forum became uncontrollable for some hours, my mail box was filled with customers asking for a clarification and in more rare cases..a hat (???). Im honored by Valve’s reply and it made it worth all my efforts. But all this was done because the community became united for few moments, i proof of the community power.

Aldershot: thats really awesome. so the blog update was the first time you realized valve took notice of your work?

Jumento M.D.: Yes…in the official forum before the TF2 blog post, i heard about people sending emails to Robin about the guard dog and even an online petition for Valve to implement it. Im sure Valve at that moment had known about my work, but i didnt expect a blog update.

Aldershot: when you first made this, was it just an art project? or did you intend to cause such a stir in the community?

Jumento M.D.: First, an art project, then people around me starting to say that my work is pretty similar to the original ones by Valve. When i published it in the forums i have no idea how big it would explode, like i said in the ” day 2″ in the Guard Dog page, i was surprised with all that reaction. wisely, Valve put more wood in the fire with the blog and then, Guard dog reach the hoax category.

Aldershot: hahaha yeah it really did. funny thing is that VALVE are the ones that made it into a hoax

Aldershot: if valve implemented your guard dog update, how do you think it would change TF2?

Jumento M.D.: Since i see more people like it than dislike it, i see a nice and fun innovative class to help bring balance to the game. I know that Guard dog needs some fixes, but with the proper fixes, he can be a great class . The guard dog fit in the TF2 universe because dogs were common use in world war,  the same timeline of TF2 was based. He has pro and cons like the other classes. Forget PETA and other small troll stuff, TF2 can reach another level with a new class (Guard dog dont need to be that, but it would be amazing to me and the fans)


Aldershot: i can definitely see how the guard dog can be useful. my favorite feature of it is his pickup retrieval, i think the medic class should be able to do that in the first place

Aldershot: the Jarate was originally presented as an “april fool’s joke” but it turned out to be quite real!! do you think valve featuring your update on their blog is their way of saying “we like the idea, we may test it”?

Jumento M.D.: hehe it’s a hard question hehehe. Nobody can foresee what Valve are able to do. Valve is unpredictable, but..i think the guard dog can make them think about it…and probably if the guard dog is an alternative 10th class, they can use it or part of it (share some GD skill to another char in an update, for example).In any case, i will be the most happy TF2 fan. heheh

Aldershot: so with all the stir and reactions, would you do this again?

Jumento M.D.: I dunno…if another idea come to my mind and Valve team still working in another game…i will do it again to supply community with a release while they´re anxious about what´s comming on.

Aldershot: so not for TF2? maybe TF3?

Jumento M.D.: ahha no! for TF2 hehehehe. I dunno if Valve will do Tf3. if they take too long on the Engineer update..i will make one 🙂

Aldershot: haha excellent. so i only have 1 more question for you, If chuck Norris was to fight Robin Walker, who would win?

Jumento M.D.: The world will be fine until Chuck Norris touch  Robin´s  beer in a bar.  If it happens, I feel soo sorry for Chuck Norris….

Aldershot: lol hahha very nice my friend. thank you very much Jumento, your Guard Dog Update has kept the TF2 community an interesting place to be. Keep it up! you are credit to team fortress!!!

Jumento M.D.: Nahh thank you for your time and this interview. Im glad you and the community like my work. It was a pleasure for me. 🙂

A special thanks to [Senhoras Senis] Jumento M.D for giving us this very informative interview. We hope to see more TF2 projects from you in the future, and hope to see you in our games some time!!




  1. There was a thread about this in my favourite server’s forum, of which I just posted the link to this interview! Here is link to thread if anyone is interested:

    • yeah this is talked about every where. the guard dog update really hit it big. thanks for posting it zaraithe! always appreciated

  2. […] SPECIAL F! FEATURE: Guard Dog Update interview! […]

  3. […] SPECIAL F! FEATURE: Guard Dog Update interview! […]

  4. Soon autumn, hurry to say goodbye to summer!).

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