Posted by: Aldershot | September 22, 2009

Aldershot’s Top 10 Video Game Weapons of all time

For this list I considered any item or attack used by the player to advance in his overall goal as a weapon, just to clear the air. When considering the list, the respective weapon must be either devastating, inflectional, or just really cool. I thought about some absolute must mentions but also kept in mind of the often over looked and unorthodox weapons as well. Sorry if your favorite weapons were omitted, but let’s face it, there are a shit load of game weapons out there, to pick just 10 is rather difficult.

10. Crocket (Crit Rocket) – Team Fortress 2

Is there any other kind of ammo that’s as fearsome as a critical rocket heading straight for your face? By far the “cheapest” of all the crit type of ammo, can potentially cripple an entire team with just 1 of these bad boys.

9. Master Sword – Zelda series

Do I really have to write a description to why this is here? It’s just awesome!! Once you get this sword in any Zelda game it’s an auto win. Sit back, have some tea, let the sword do the work.

8. Raging Demon – Street Fighter series

This is a beast of a super combo. By far the most epic addition to Street Fighter since super combos themselves. Every one fears it, it’s difficult to pull off, but once it hit it can turn a losing battle into an instant victory. LP, LP, Forward, LK, HP, WIN!!

(#7 – #1 after the break!!)

7. Resident evil’s Final Rocket Launcher – Resident Evil series

With out this baby the entire Resident Evil family would be in big trouble. It seems to be the ultimate solution to every final boss in Resident Evil History. Albert Wesker would do better focusing on artillery shielding if he truly wishes to succeed.

(I can’t believe I over looked the Gravity gun. In order to make room I had to decide which weapon had to be removed, unfortunately it was RE’s final rocket).

7. Gravity Gun – Half Life series

It’s fun to use, it’s useful,  and it’s one of the first of it’s kind, this is Valve’s show piece to HL’s physics engine. Yes Valve, we know we have to put a bunch of junk on the other end of the leaver with the Gravity Gun, we get it, you built a pretty awesome physics engine, can we get back to the zombie killing please?

6. Power Pellet – Pacman

A pill that can turn your invincible enemies into cowering idiots… HELL YEAH!! This weapon is worth a mention

5. BFG – Doom

It stands for “BIG FUCKING GUN”, can any thing else be more bad ass? It’s also video game history’s very first “Super weapon”. Those giant Pinky monsters aren’t so scary when they’re just melted mush on the ground.

4. “I” Block – Tetris

You pray and pray, and it just never drops, but once you see it coming, your game is saved!! It’s pretty much Tetris’s Jesus block.

3. Metal Gear – Metal Gear series

METAL GEAR, a weapon developed over 10 times to rain nuclear war over of our heads. According to Snake, who hates METAL GEAR, it’s the #1 Threat to the world…it must be since he never stops talking about METAL GEAR. Ever play METAL GEAR games? Every 2nd word in METAL GEAR games are, “METAL GEEAAARRRR” and there is A LOT of talking in METAL GEAR games. Saying METAL GEAR a whole shit load of times is enough proof for me that, METAL GEAR deserves the #3 spot. METAL FUCKING GEAR.

2. AK47 – Every Tactical Shooter

Counter Strike, Call of Duty, Rainbow 6, Battle Field, you get the picture. Almost EVERY tactical shooter feature the AK47 in some way or another, and often time, it’s one of the most wildly used gun. Gamers may know the AK better than the military.

1. Katamari – Katamari Series

I know I know, it seems silly this is #1, but think about it. It’s an instrument of a giant God King, it can destroy entire cities at a time, hell, it can pick up planets, and suns, perhaps even whole galaxies. It’s completely in-discriminant, and do you know what really makes the Katamari cruel?? The living creatures, including humans that are absorbed, are still alive and aware of what is going on. They have no choice but to be eternal slaves to the Katamari. Truly the greatest , and perhaps cruelest weapon to have ever been imagined

Honorable Mentions

Golden Gun – Golden Eye 007

Flower Power – Mario series


Flack Cannon – Unreal Tournament

Portal Gun – Portal

Knights of the Round – Final Fantasy VII




  1. i gotta agree with you on the katamari ball. That thing is a big badass mother hubbard >.<

  2. You never played Turok 2, did you? Two words: Cerebral Bore.

    • I have a little though not much. the bore is pretty neat, but remember… there is about a trillion other really neat weapons i didnt list either. i’d love to make this aldershots top 900000 game weapons of all time but…. you know. lol

      im more impressed that you got a video working in reply…. i didnt know you could do that on this thing… KEWL!!

  3. Great list, some of those I never would have thought of. I am so making my own list!

    • you should make a list about like… game foods or some thing 😀

    • Sure, give me the crappy topic 😡

      • lol its just a bad example. you can make a list of w/e you like and i’d read it. another good list idea i think would be, video game’s best bathrooms. L4D would make the list i think

  4. lol at Zarn and Al. Ha ha.

    We need a worst list. Like worst video game mechanics, or worst themed levels.

    Best themed levels would be nice too.

    Or best video game music.

    Actually, best video game music would be… the best because I could go for some tunes. ha ha.

    • Squirrel. just listen to the FFVII sound track or any (or all) metal gear sound tracks. these are the best, no need for a list 😀

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